PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, otherwise referred to as PHP, is a famous object-oriented programming language, which can be used to build dynamic sites with interactive features like Internet forums, e-learning portals or community sites. In stark contrast to static HTML sites, a PHP-driven site can serve different web content to each user under the very same page URL. As PHP-based apps can be managed via one single Control Panel, which you can sign into from any browser, you won’t need any computer programming capabilities or past experience whatsoever to administer a PHP website. The fact that hundreds of millions of sites worldwide are built using PHP is indicative of the language’s popularity and simplicity of use. You only have to confirm that the server where you host your site supports the very same version of PHP as the one that you used whilst building the site.

PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support in Hosting

If you purchase a hosting package from our company, you won’t ever have to wonder if your sites are compatible with the hosting platform, since we offer different versions of PHP for the sake of your convenience. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel will permit you to select PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 with just one click of the mouse and if you wish to change the current version, the update will be applied momentarily. In this way, many years of work on sites created with an older version of PHP won’t be wasted. Our hosting platform will even allow you to use a different PHP version for each domain hosted in your account, which implies that you can run older and newer scripts simultaneously. Most hosting providers on the marketplace support one, sometimes two versions of PHP. In contrast with them, we reckon that you should be the one to pick the version that your own websites will be using.

PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

It is our unwavering conviction that several years spent setting up a website shouldn’t be lost, which means that if you buy a semi-dedicated server from our company, you’ll be able to use any script, irrespective of whether it’s new or old. Unlike lots of hosting suppliers, we support several different PHP versions on our innovative cloud platform – 4, 5 and 7. You will not only be able to activate the required version via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, but you’ll also have the opportunity to choose a different version for each individual website. This can be done merely by placing an .htaccess file in the given site’s root folder. You can change the current version both for a single website and for the whole account and the new settings will be applied in less than a couple of minutes. With our hosting services, you can be certain that you will never come across any site incompatibility difficulties.